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Cervographes and beam of Bragg

With Ajax and Jquery associated with the php, we were brought to create an application allowing to create typical graphs "Polar" representing the diffraction of the light emitted by optical fiber on the human retina.


Forum dedicated plugin. With this script, you can easily turn your website into moderation Forum New look
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Archive your articles and topics according to your wishes (1 day, 1 month, 1 year) automatically or manually.
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Paypal Solution

You have available a basket, a link to your paypal account and purchasing management.

Paypal ++

An elegant solution for your customers’ purchases. You manage your inventory and you will be notified in case of breakage

My Bank

Guests have at their disposal a shopping cart and connect directly to your bank. You can manage everything!

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A big change!

As you can see, our small business is growing !
EPCID becomes Renewal Bernardblazin Point Com.
It is thanks to your loyalty we expanded us and now we can put at your disposal the technology.
Proud of our achievements and more to satisfy you, our team consists of technicians and engineers high-end !
These are all in the EPCID - Kuhn Group.
Do not hesitate to contact us for your Internet sites through our standard will direct you to the best skills.

Bernard Blazin Point Com becomes EPCID

le 31 mars 2014

EPCID & Kuhn Services forment le Groupe EPCID-Kuhn

le 2 mai 2014

E-Marketing Paris

14-15-16 Avril 2015

Etiam imperdiet vestibulum

From 12 Oct to 24 Oct
31 mars 2014
02 mai 2014
12/10/2013 - 24/10/2013
12/10/2013 - 24/10/2013